The Wellington Loop Facilitators

The Wellington Loop has three facilitators this year to help schools with their PD and technical requirements.

Alex Perry
eLearning Facilitator

My focus is on providing quality ‘In school’ PD to Loop schools. The PD will be planned based on the needs of the school, will be delivered on site, and followed up with group and individual support and visits where needed.

Possible PD themes:

  • ‘The implementation of BYOD from the pedagogy perspective’,
  • ‘Digital Citizenship’,
  • ‘eLearning Planning Framework’…
  • “Making the most of Moodle”

Who will I work with? I am keen to work with whole staff, small groups and individual teachers, to develop eLearning capabilities, and ability to then share that knowledge with their colleagues.

PD delivery could be as a presentation, small group workshop, individual tutorials and mentoring…..

Please contact me to make a time to meet and discuss your staffs needs this term.

Calum McGonigle
eLearning Facilitator

My focus is on organising group meetings and speaker sessions. I will also liaise with external agencies (Netsafe, Creative Commons, WCC etc.) that can offer our schools opportunities.

Helen and I will organise the Technical meetings and will be working with Technical partners to try and offer schools better pricing and service. We have four VLN teachers across the Loop. I will provide set up support to them. Currently I am providing administration support for the Loop Steering and Trustee meetings.

I will support Alex with in school PD.

Please contact me to with any ideas you have.

Helen Jones
Technology Facilitator

My Focus is on helping schools make the best of their ICT systems.  I will help schools source & investigating new technology solutions, and help them with the best way to implement these changes into their school.

Possible ICT Projects across the Wellington:

  • Hapara Teacher Dashboard for schools using Google drive
  • Ruckus Wireless
    • implementation of Ruckus Wireless admin and logging tools
    • sourcing of hardware for schools
  • ICT asset management software for the auditing of hardware and software
  • Centralised solution for storing multimedia content in the cloud for schools

I will works closely with both Alex and Calum to help school get and use the technology they need.

Please contact me if you require any technical help