Staff and students learning robotics together

Supported by a Loop Collaborative Projects grant, three primary schools have been working collaboratively to deliver an extension robotics programme that has seen senior students and teachers learning new skills alongside each other.

DSC_9928Year 6, 7 and 8 students from Thorndon, Johnsonville and St Bernard’s primary schools have been gathering together weekly to develop skills in robotics and coding.  Each week the students complete increasingly difficult tasks with Edison robots, as they learn more about robotics, problem solving, collaboration, coding and independent learning.  Each week their teachers learn with them, building their own capability, skills and understanding for the delivery of future programmes.

IMG_3271Led by Loop facilitator Keryn Akers, the collaborative project emerged from discussions between the three schools at the Loop’s April Collaborative Forum.  Although it was initially planned to last only one term, this project has been so successful that the three schools have decided to continue together with the programme into a second term.

Click here to view their learning journey so far: A Loop Collaboration in Learning: Robotics