Staff and students learning robotics together

Supported by a Loop Collaborative Projects grant, three primary schools have been working collaboratively to deliver an extension robotics programme that has seen senior students and teachers learning new skills alongside each… Read more

Subsidising iPads for change

‘Even if you’re a techo, you still think twice about whether you’re going to do it on technology or not.’  (Helen Jones)  To help teachers strategically approach BYOD for themselves… Read more

Paraparaumu College – Twitter use

Paraparaumu College uses Twitter in a number of ways across the organisation. Twitter is used to support teaching and learning, sports administration and connecting with the school community. Several teachers… Read more

Trend setting

It’s not often that the words ‘trend’ and ‘setter’ appear in the same sentence as ‘secondary school’ but that’s certainly the case for Wellington High School. Three years ago, the… Read more