Kia Eke Panuku

At the Loop’s September Collaborative Forum, Gregor Fountain presented Paraparaumu College’s journey with Kia Eke Panuku. Here’s the link to his presentation: Paraparaumu’s Journey Here’s the link to the Kia Eke… Read more

Innovation Framework – Karen Spencer

This Innovation Framework was presented at the Loop’s October Breakfast Session by Karen Spencer.  A tool for innovating into future focused approaches. Karen Spencer: Innovation Framework You can read more… Read more

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a website that has been operational for a number of years. The website has instructional videos which explain discreet concepts. Initially the site focussed on Science and… Read more

CORE Education

This website is produced by CORE Education. It features videos of many prominent speakers and thinkers on education. This is a great PD resource.


Mathletics is a popular website for helping Maths students and teachers. It has a scaffolded series of interactive maths puzzles and quizzes. Teachers can set different activities and learning paths… Read more

VLN website

The Virtual Learning Network is an online group of communities. This is a great place for for teachers to connect with like minded people throughout the country. Many of the… Read more