Catalyst Open Source Academy

Some of you may be aware of the Catalyst Open Source Academy.  For those that do, the 2013 Academy will be the two weeks of January 7th to 18th and we are accepting Applications / Expressions of Interest now.

For those that haven’t heard of the Academy, it is two weeks of introducing Open Source technologies and projects to Secondary School Students.  We want to get students excited by what they can do and what they can contribute to the various community driven Open Source projects that exist.

The first week consists of tutorial sessions covering the various open source tools that will be used as part of the second week of the Academy when we have them working on an Open Source project.

They start out installing Ubuntu onto a laptop, then they work through subjects such as My First Server, How the Web Works, Four Freedoms, PostgreSQL Databases, Graphics with The GIMP and Inkscape, PHP, Event Driven Programming, Java for Android.

The ultimate goal is to teach the students enough to be able to guide them through the process of making a public contribution to an Open Source project, something they can point to and say ‘this is what I did’.  Previous projects students have contributed to have been Koha, Mahara, Drupal, DAViCAl, ACal, Map of CPAN.  Probably the biggest success has been Koha, with a couple of this year’s students continuing with some regular contributions.

So if you know of any students in their last couple of years of school that are interested in technology and could gain something from spending some time learning from the developers at NZ’s largest Open Source company, get them to head to and download the Brochure for the 2013 Academy fill it out and get it back to us.

Keep an eye on the Academy web page at for any further updates, follow us on Twitter

ICT PD Term 4 2012

The Wellngton Loop has some great opportunities to connect and share innovation during professional development events in Term 4 on:

  • My Portfolio – How your languages department can make better use of MyPorfolio in the classroom.
  • Social Media – How Wellington East Girls College is using Facebook.
  • Microsoft Products – What Microsoft offers schools for free, from tools in the classroom through to server based products to help your school technician streamline their ICT infrastructure.
  • e-learning leaders – the e-learning staff from each Wellington Loop school will get together to discuss their year and to start planning for 2012.
  • PD for 2013 – Focus group on what PD The Wellington Loop will be giving for 2013.

Keep an eye out for these events and if you want to know more about any of these upcoming events, or how you can be a part of the Wellington Loop then get in touch!

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The Loop is a learning community that actively supports schools and teachers to connect, innovate and collaborate together in the digital age.  Through conferences, forums, breakfast sessions and with projects and networks supported by our staff, we provide a platform for shared learning and innovation.  Eleven secondary schools and three primary schools in the Wellington area are already collaborating and learning from each other through the Loop.  Get in touch and become part of the Wellington Loop.